Do you Aspire to improve patient outcomes, grow revenue and give more value for health investments?

Engage,Learn and Network with Accomplished Professionals.

MasterMed Executive Education program brings the first Lusaka based onsite and insightful workshop to challenge and equip executives on the design, development and operational excellence in healthcare.

This specially curated 4 day event focuses on networking, best practice case studies and real-time problem solving to enable you get the most practical, simple yet innovative ideas for better healthcare. You will fear to miss this one!



Designing Healthcare Systems For Quality and Cost-effectiveness

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August 2023


Chaminuka Lodge

Health Systems design

We are Experts in designing innovative and efficient Health Systems to optimize patient care, streamline operations,

Health Workforce

We are a Leading the way in Health Workforce solutions, empowering organizations with strategies to build

Healthcare Finance

Unlocking the power of Healthcare Finance, providing strategic insights and solutions for financial sustainability and optimal

Capacity Assistance

We provide Capacity Assistance by Enabling healthcare organizations to thrive with our Capacity Assistance services, offering

Hospital Operations

Transforming Hospital Operations with expertise and innovation, optimizing processes to drive efficiency, improve patient experiences, and

Project Management

We provide Project Management excellence, delivering successful healthcare projects through meticulous planning, coordination, and efficient execution

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Our Speakers

Dr. Ouma Oluga, OGW

Decade plus with WHO, ILO, Ministries of Health and local governments to design & develop successful models of healthcare systems, workforce management and change management. Built, equipped, staffed and operated

Dr. George Sinyangwe

32+ years of Public Health Policy practice in the areas of Health Systems Strengthening across 4 countries of Zambia, Botswana, Tanzania and the USA. He leads technical Ministry of Health

Elizabeth C. Chilufwa

25+ years of Social Development practice and Executive Management Consultancy coaching Executives to build motivated, satisfied and effective teams. Developed customer care and workforce soft skills tools recreating institutional brands

Eng. Peter Odiembo

15+ years plus in Biomedical Engineering, Hospital Solutions, Healthcare Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation in public and private sector. Peter spearheaded Kenya’s Managed Equipment Service, installed and commissioned 40 CT

George Frederick Osewe

35 + years public policy communications, government engagement, community entry and community project implementation across Africa and the United States of America. Having run the grassroots mobilization in the Obama




Arrival of Participants and Familiarization Dinner


Working Session and Technical Presentations:

  1. Design Models for Healthcare Systems

  2. Health Systems development, and

  3. Conceptualization of Hospital Solutions.


Working Session and Technical Presentations

  1. Maximizing Hospital Equipment and Infrastructure for Service Delivery;

    1. Enhancing scope and number of services with same equipment (Lab, Theater, Imaging and Sterilizaton (ETO, IPC & Hospital Hygiene)

    2. Increasing the number of patients

    3. Improving Quality of Care

    4. Minimizing Operational Costs and Reducing costs related to equipment maintenance and management

    5. Maximizing Benefits and Revenue from Equipment.


Working Session and Expert Presentation

  1. Hospital Equipment and Infrastructure management and maintenance solutions;

    1. Developing and understanding equipment specifications and models.

    2. Equipment conditions (new and refurbished;

    3. Specifications interpretation (Standard configuration vs optional configurations)

  2. Summary of the Workshop and Closure